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What to Bring

Don't Know What to Bring?

1st Visit Advice

There are things you will need to bring with you for your first appointment. What to bring depends on what you are required to file. There is not a simple answer for every person. Read this and other sections of the website for advice.

What to Bring if You Have a Business

As you may already know, businesses have many more filing requirements than individuals. What you bring depends on what form of business you have – Sole Proprietor, Corporation, LLC or Partnership. Please read on for a full explanation of what applies to your particular business.


A person filing a Tax Return for the first time or the 40 th time still wouldn't mind a simple checklist of what to gather for the annual filing. Two checklists are available. One if for the Basic Information and Income and the other is for Expenses, Deductions and Payments. These checklists cover most topics addressed on the Form 1040 – U.S. Individual Income Tax Return and supporting forms and schedules.

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