Advice for First Tax Appointment

Advice for Your First Tax Return Appointment

You did it—you made your first tax return appointment with Moore & Paquette Tax Group. You can now sit back and relax because someone else is going to complete your taxes for you.

Well, while it is true that we will make your tax season easier, we do still need some help, and a few documents, from you. Here’s some advice on how to prepare for your first tax return appointment with us.

  1. Gather all income documents that you have received for the current tax year. These include W-2 wage statements, any 1099-NEC forms for work as a freelancer or independent contractor. Other 1099 forms from your bank, your mortgage company, your brokerage firms, any retirement or social security distributions, any rental income, or any other 1099 form you may have received.
  2. Gather documents that report or indicate any possible deductions that can be taken on your tax return. These include real estate taxes you paid for your home, mortgage interest you paid to your lender, and student loan interest you paid.
  3. If you have any self-employment or 1099-NEC income, make a list of any and all expenses you may have related to that income. This includes the square footage of the office space in your home, the total amount of miles on your car along with the miles used specifically for business for the year, equipment, supplies, meals, utilities, travel, etc. The more specific the better.
  4. Make sure you have a copy of your previous year’s tax return. Your tax preparer will use this to verify important information as well as look for specific items that can be used to lower this year’s tax bill. 
  5. If you own an LLC, S corporation or C corporation, bring all of your paperwork related to the business as well, including the corporation’s previous year tax return and K-1 forms.
  6. Relax! You’ve hired Moore & Paquette Tax Group. We’re here to make your tax season a lot less stressful, if not stress-free.

Schedule your first tax return appointment today.

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    “Steve was recommended by a friend of ours who has been using him for years. We were very happy with his professionalism. He explained our tax questions in a friendly and understandable manner. Very happy !”