Personal Tax Return Services

Personal Tax Return Services

If you only received one or two W-2 forms from your employers this year, and it looks like all the appropriate federal and state taxes were withheld from your paycheck, do you really need to hire Moore & Paquette Tax Group for your personal tax return services? It’s true, you may be one of the lucky ones with an easy tax return, but sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems. 

Our knowledgeable tax preparers can help you with the things you might have missed that could lower your tax liability or get you a refund. Our personal tax return services include helping you to:

  • Figure out the appropriate filing status: single or head of household, married filing jointly or married filing separately, or qualifying surviving spouse.
  • Decide between taking the standard deduction or itemizing deductions. If itemizing, we can guide you on what can be deducted and what can’t be deducted.
  • Determine if you have any business income separate from your W-2 income statement and, if so, if you have business-related expenses that can be deducted.
  • Understand if and when social security benefits are taxed.
  • Understand how your taxes may change if you’ve had a major life event, such as purchasing a home, getting married, having a child, or getting divorced.
  • Determine if you are eligible for any tax credits, such as the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Credit, or an educational credit.
  • Understand interest and dividend income, as well as capital gains and losses, and how those may be taxed.
  • Understand how retirement fund contributions or distributions may affect your taxes.

And did you know that states often have different tax laws than the federal tax laws? Our tax preparers can help you with your state tax return regardless of which state you live in or if you lived and earned income in multiple states throughout the year. The state individual tax returns often have differences in eligible itemized deductions, tax credits and more.

If you don’t want the hassle of trying to figure out those individual taxes all on your own, our personal tax return services can help you sort it out. Make an appointment today. The tax deadline for personal tax returns is April 15th.

Our Testimonials

  • Thanks so much for being there and providing such great service.

    “We've had Steve do our taxes for YEARS and today my wife had an issue, but no worries. He helped her with his kindness and made my wife smile. The service is always great. He and his staff are very nice and thoughtful. Thanks so much for being there and providing such great service.”

  • I Couldn't Be Happier.

    “I always get prompt attention and I'm in and out with no hassles. Prices are reasonable and he's a very sweet guy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who loves excellent customer service at affordable rates.”

  • He explained our tax questions in a friendly and understandable manner.

    “Steve was recommended by a friend of ours who has been using him for years. We were very happy with his professionalism. He explained our tax questions in a friendly and understandable manner. Very happy !”