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Other Services from Moore & Paquette Tax Group

Tax Preparation & Small Business Tax Specialists for Burbank & Glendale

After being in business for more than 70 combined years, Moore & Paquette Tax Group has developed a rich foundation of tax preparation services for individuals, families, businesses and companies throughout the Southern California area. No issue is too complicated or too challenging for our staff of experienced and licensed Tax Preparers, and we are ready to help you secure a satisfactory result that can benefit your finances in the long run.

Multiple Services Under One Roof

Steve Paquette and Art Moore have helped thousands of past clients in a range of services. From tax preparation and corporate taxes in Burbank and Glendale to compassionate assistance through collections problems, Moore & Paquette has been the name to trust in the Los Angeles area for decades. We are professionals who love our job and we stand ready to help you successfully navigate your current financial or tax predicament.

Audit Representation

For business tax payers and consumer taxpayers alike, receiving notice for an IRS audit can be incredibly frightening. As licensed Tax Preparers, we are not afraid to represent you during an audit conducted by the IRS. We can conduct thorough investigations on your tax returns to ensure compliance and help you avoid any "red flag" behaviors that may spark the attention of an IRS agent.

IRS Notices

If you have received a notice from the IRS, we can offer advice during this time. There could be several reasons why the IRS may have sent you a notice, so do not panic or assume that you have done something wrong or illegal. Many times, we are able to help our clients resolve their issues with the IRS.

Review of Past Tax Returns

If you suspect that you did not receive your full refund, we would happily conduct a review of your past tax returns. There can be a variety of issues that a past tax preparer may have missed, ranging from minute details to major oversights. These mistakes could have led to a past tax return that was significantly less than what you were actually eligible to receive.

Tax Advice and Planning

Whether you are in need of personal tax advice and planning or you wish to speak with a team of professionals for effective tax planning for your business, look no further than Moore & Paquette. We can help you create a tax plan that is customized to your unique needs and can help protect you from any tax implications that may affect your refund.

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We thrive on making genuine connections with our clients. Working with a professional Tax Preparer from Hey Taxman can make all the difference in your financial situation. If you are involved in a complex issue with the IRS or have received collection calls from an agency, we know it can be tempting to ignore the situation and it can be extremely hard to step forward and ask for help.

 We reassure you that doing nothing can be one of the worst things you can do for yourself. We want to help people in our community! If you wish to work with a professional who is committed to personal, compassionate, and affordable customer service, then look no further than Moore & Paquette.

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Our Testimonials

  • He explained our tax questions in a friendly and understandable manner.

    “Steve was recommended by a friend of ours who has been using him for years. We were very happy with his professionalism. He explained our tax questions in a friendly and understandable manner. Very happy !”

  • I Couldn't Be Happier.

    “I always get prompt attention and I'm in and out with no hassles. Prices are reasonable and he's a very sweet guy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who loves excellent customer service at affordable rates.”

  • Thanks so much for being there and providing such great service.

    “We've had Steve do our taxes for YEARS and today my wife had an issue, but no worries. He helped her with his kindness and made my wife smile. The service is always great. He and his staff are very nice and thoughtful. Thanks so much for being there and providing such great service.”