Tax Audits and Tax Resolutions

Tax Audits and Tax Resolution

You receive a letter from the IRS, and it contains those words we all dread: tax audit. But why you and why now? Your immediate instinct may be to assume the worst and resign yourself to owing thousands of dollars, but don’t lose hope so fast!

Moore & Paquette Tax Group can assist you with the process of being audited by the IRS, and since no two audits are exactly alike, the first thing we’ll do is analyze the letter you’ve received from the IRS and determine what it’s actually saying. Once we have an idea of why you’re being audited, we can help you go through past tax returns and your paperwork to see if a resolution can be made.

As experienced tax professionals who have previously helped countless clients with tax audits, we can help you navigate the various deadlines that must be met, the paperwork that must be collected and presented, and the appropriate responses needed to additional letters and questions from the IRS. And if you get a result that you’re not happy with, we can figure out if an appeal is possible and assist you with that process as well.

If you do end up owing the IRS money, we’ll guide you through a resolution.

Tax Resolution

Not all tax resolution is associated with audits. Sometimes you get a letter from the IRS that isn’t about an audit but still claims that you owe money, either from a tax return that they never received, a payment they never got, penalties and interest on late payments, or years of back taxes. 

Your first step should be to call Moore & Paquette Tax Group. We’ve helped our clients make sense of confusing IRS letters and understand if they truly owe anything. 

If you do owe money to the IRS, we can help you make a plan to get back on track. While the IRS may seem intimidating, they are willing to work with taxpayers—they just want their money, after all. We can help you create an installment plan that works for both your budget and the IRS.

Getting a letter from the IRS can cause a lot of anxiety, but you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve got your back and will work with you to find a solution. 

Call Moore & Paquette Tax Group today and get the knowledgeable, reassuring tax help you need to put your mind at ease.

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