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Advice for Your 1st Visit With Us

1 st Visit Advice

I am first and foremost concerned with preparing your Tax Return correctly and affordably. That's my job. Your job is to compile all the necessary information before you come in. This way I can give you the results instantly by the end of your appointment.

If you don't know what to bring in, please refer to the Complimentary Forms & Worksheets I have developed for you. Briefly, bring in your last year's Tax Return and this year's forms such as W2s, Form 1099s and Mortgage Statements. Also bring in a list of all the usual deductions that you have taken in the past. Refer to you last year's Tax Return as your reminder.

Make an appointment once you have everything together. See Contact Us.

My office will arrange a half hour interview to go over things. If your situation is more complex or you are bringing in more than one Tax Return, please let us know and we will arrange more than a half hour.

Once you are here, I'll review your forms, records and information and tabulate the results. If you are happy with the results, we're done with the exception of filing the Tax Return. If not happy with the results we can discuss other possible deductions that may have been missed.

After you are completely satisfied with the exactness of Tax Return and the results, a Tax Return will be filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and another with the state tax authority (Franchise Tax Board in California). This is usually done electronically but filing a paper Tax Return is your option.

If you have agreed to file electronically, we will send your Tax Return to you via email along with 2 Authorization forms – one for the Federal (IRS) Tax Return and one for the State (FTB or other state authority). These forms give us authorization to send the Tax Returns to the respective tax agencies. Instructions will be included.

If you want to file a paper return, we can mail the Tax Return to you or you can pick them up from our office. Instructions on where to file and when will be included.

All fees are due upon completion of services rendered. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Make checks payable to Moore & Paquette Tax Group.

Our Testimonials

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    Eyon K.

  • “Wouldn't Dream of Going Any Place Else.”

    Bobbi W.

  • “He explained our tax questions in a friendly and understandable manner.”

    Julie & Aaron Stell

  • “I drive OVER THE HILL!”

    Kira B

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