calculator and notepad on money

Don’t do it! It’s dishonest. You do not like dishonest people especially those who are dishonest with you. So don’t do to others that you do not want done to you. Even if it the IRS or the government. The idea of honesty versus dishonesty is far more important than you versus the IRS or government. Dishonesty is a coward’s way of getting out of a jam or problem. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of dishonest and cowardly people in my life. They have not done me any favors. They spread their own bad advice to make themselves feel better. So don’t be a part of “Team Dishonest”. If you cannot tolerate the consequences of the deed that forced you to be dishonest then maybe you should fix that reason. If you have a problem making financial ends meet, including paying your taxes then make more income or spend less elsewhere or plan better. Taxes are an expense and should be included in your budget. Yes, that’s a tall order but you will sleep better and enjoy many more things in life than it you depend on dishonesty for solutions.

Be smart, be honest, be happy.