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Due to the complex nature of estate or gift taxes and trust tax returns, it will be essential to work with a proficient Tax Preparer from Moore & Paquette. Steve Paquette and Art Moore have a solid understanding of how the law applies to estates and trusts, and they can help you create a plan that can minimize your tax liability on any estate, gift, or trust that you leave behind for your heirs. With effective tax planning advice at your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family is in good hands, even when you are no longer around to provide for them.

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Estate Tax Return

When a family member or spouse passes away and leaves behind an estate, including income, dividends, or capital gains, a tax can be applied on everything that your family member owned or had interests in at the date of his or her death. Typically, estate tax returns are due within 9 months after a loved one or family member passes away. If requested prior to the due date and the amount of tax is paid, a 6-month extension period can be granted.

Trust Tax Return

Trusts are created by an individual - named as a "grantor" - and are specifically made to protect or preserve the grantor's assets by distributing the income and assets to specifically named beneficiaries. A trustee will have the fiduciary duty of managing all aspects of a trust, which are typically named in a trust agreement or a last will and testament.

Because trusts are a separate entity from the grantor, a trust will report its own income and tax. This is an effective way to manage one's own assets and provide income for family members even after one's own death. Any income that is generated from a trust must be reported for tax return reasons.

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