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What to Bring In If You Have a Business


Regardless of whether you are a Sole Proprietor, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC or Partnership, you will need to compile your income and expenses. Plainly speaking, put together a list of all the different types of income you received during the course of doing business. Likewise, make a list of how your income was spent. The more thorough the list, the better we will be able to complete an accurate Tax Return.

For Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships, additional information may be needed such as:

Balance Sheet

  • List of Assets:
    • Cash in all business accounts at the end of the year
    • Any purchases of equipment, machinery, furniture or buildings
    • Deposits paid for rents, etc
    • Any other assets particular to your business
  • List of Liabilities:
    • New Loans during the year
    • Balances of old loans at the end of the year
    • Credit Card balances at the end of the year
    • Any other debt balances at the end of the year particular to your business
  • Owners Capital Contribution or Distributions:
    • How much of your personal money was transferred to the company
    • How much did you draw or transfer from the company

NOTE: all accounting software programs will have Balance Sheet reports as a standard features.

Income Statement (or Profit & Loss Statement)

  • Total of all business related income (have details available)
  • Total of all business related expenses (have details available). Be sure to include what you spent out of your personal accounts or put on credit cards.

NOTE: all accounting software programs will have Profit & Loss reports as a standard features.

Other items:

  • Payroll Reports
    • W2s
    • W3
    • Form 941s (4)
    • Form 940
    • DE 9 (CA only)
    • DE 9c (CA only)
  • Any changes to Shareholders', Partners' or LLC Members' names, addresses, SSN, FEIN or percentage of ownership

If you are a new client:

  • Previous year's Tax Return (if applicable)
  • List of all Shareholders, Partners or LLC Members
    • Full, legal names (not nicknames)
    • Addresses
    • Social Security Numbers (or Federal ID Numbers if applicable)
    • Percentage of ownership
  • Date of incorporation and which state you incorporated or organized in
  • Date of S-Corporation Election (bring in S-Corp Acceptance letter from the IRS)
  • List of all Officers and Directors
    • Full, legal names (not nicknames)
    • Addresses
    • Social Security Numbers (or Federal ID Numbers if applicable)

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