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Business Services in Burbank & Glendale

Running a business is no small task. Whether you are in need of administrative bookkeeping assistance or comprehensive financial assessments, do not speak with anyone until you have consulted a professional bussiness service specialist from Moore & Paquette Tax Group. We are licensed and experienced Tax Preparers who have the tenacity, business savvy, and skill to help you navigate unique tax requirements that come with running a business, company, or corporation. Contact our Burbank & Glendale tax specialists for the legal service you need.

Your Trusted Partner Through Any Business Service

In addition to helping you file your Business Tax Returns, we provide a variety of other small business services.

1099-MISC Filings
Individuals who receive some sort of income from a source other than earned wages or salaries may receive a Form 1099-MISC. Common examples of miscellaneous income can include independent contract work, non-employee compensation, rent, royalties, and more. The IRS requires that individuals who receive miscellaneous income must include these funds on their tax returns.

If you are a business that engaged such an individual, you may be required to issue the Form 1099. We have the resource to take care of this for you quickly. There is no need to look for forms and instructions. Just contact us and we'll let you know what we need.

Accounting for the financial activity of your business, LLC, partnership, or corporation is essential to the ease of filing required reports and Tax Returns. This in turns minimizes your tax liability, lessens penalties and maximizes your tax refund. Even one-person entities must have accurate bookkeeping, making the importance of bookkeeping even more essential for major corporations. Whether you have a discrepancy in your bookkeeping or you would like to speak with trained bookkeepers, we are here to help.

City Tax Filings
Depending on where you reside, you may be subject to paying city taxes. This can include local taxes and district taxes. If you represent a city, county, or other special tax district, we can help you understand your tax responsibilities as well.

Incorporating or Setting Up a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
If you are interested in incorporating or setting up an LLC, there will be many steps, procedures, and regulations of which you will need to be aware. Omitted steps will inevitably cause problems. Even simple issues such as selecting a unique name for your LLC or Electing to Become an S-Corp must be carefully and precisely considered. We can assist with filing Articles of Organization or Incorporation with the State of California, appointing a registered agent for service, preparing operation agreements, and helping you through the process of understanding your specific tax regulations.

Payroll Filings
In order to comply to California's payroll tax laws, employers are required to report quarterly information regarding the company's wages and payroll. The Quarterly Contribution Report and Report of Wages (Form DE 9) will be due once every quarter, and specifically reconciles wages and taxes that are reported and paid for each quarter. There are additional requirements for making the required payroll tax payments.

Sales Tax Filings
Sales and sales use tax returns are primarily used by seller's permit holders to report the payment of sales and use taxes. All seller's permit holders are required to file a tax return, due at the end of each reporting period. Whether you need assistance in your sales tax return filing or you need help requesting an extension, seek professional service from Moore & Paquette.

Small Business Advice
No matter how small or large, getting a business up and running is no small feat. Consequently, you will want the best possible business advice from a qualified, trained, and skilled professional. We have the industry knowledge that can help business owners and corporate professionals protect their assets and minimize their tax liability. At Moore & Paquette, we can inform you of effective yet practical business advice that can help protect your financial integrity, help keep your books and records accurate, and avoid any unnecessary attention from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Tax Preparation for Small Businesses in Burbank & Glendale

When you hire Moore & Paquette, you can expect to receive nothing less than professionalism. We have been dedicated to assisting businesses in the Burbank, Glendale, and surrounding Southern California areas since 1986! We offer first-hand experience, valuable insight, and effective business advice that are geared toward the success and longevity of your business. From payroll assessment to form filing, our conveniently located offices warmly welcome any of your questions or concerns.

If you are in need of effective business tax support, call Moore & Paquette today!

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I have used Art Moore for my taxes for at least 30 years, and have turned my family and friends onto him. He is extremely ethical, and very bright. He has eliminated for me and many others the anguish that comes with filing tax returns. He is the best! - Dianne S.